Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Yamaha YZF R1

Words seem unnecessary...


a casey friends said...

Wow! more pictures of a Yamaha than I thought possible!
Imperfect Libra

sirreene said...

You have EGX on your plate. That's because the bike is yellow? Great shots!

Perfect Virgo said...

a casey friends - plenty more where those came from.

Sirreene - a man needs EGX on his plate, it's the ham I don't like! Yes there is some relevance to the colour. Thankfully it flies somewhat faster than a canary!

Rowena and Eugene said...

Great snaps. We've been away from the blog world for awhile, and it's great to come back and see your wonderful shots. You have inspired us to create some shots around a passion we share. Thanks.

Perfect Virgo said...

R & E - good to see you back. This new beast is a very photogenic animal from any angle so I didn't have to try too hard! I have just bought a miniature "on-board" video camera the size of a little finger, which I will fit to the bike in due course. I wonder if Blogger will let us upload video in future?

Queen Neetee said...

Your bike is absolutely beautiful!
The colors are great! Please don't think this a weird comment but, the smell of the newest as you ride must be exhilarating.

How you must fly! Don't forget us here on the ground.

Queen Neetee said...

The comment I made turned out to be stupid anyway because of a misspelling. (Darn)

I meant to say - the smell of the newness must be exhilarating as you ride.

Oh well.
Hope you're doing well.

Perfect Virgo said...

Neetee - no not weird at all, I knew you meant "newness" and yes you are right. A new vehicle always releases that warm plastic scent as it adjusts to the cycle of heating and cooling.

The smell is left trailing in the wake mostly but when I pull up at lights the hot cloud rises to envelope me and reminds what a lucky guy I am. I certainly willo not forget my good friends here and yes I am doing well thanks. After a period of intensity and a switch to this new lifestyle I need to take a little down time for adjustment purposes :-)

finnegan said...

blazing saddle sores, virgo!

the beast looks like a t-rex taxi---a taxonomic reference to color, shape, and yes...attitude.

imagine easy rider filmed with a couple of those instead of 60's harleys.

a whole 'nother soundtrack would have been necessary.

Perfect Virgo said...

Finn - comfy as an old slipper yet faster than a speeding bullet! And yellow too, what more can a man ask for? Odd how sports bikes don't hold the same attraction in the States - I can't imagine anything other than Harleys and cool-assed choppers on the highways.