Friday, March 17, 2006


... bow



Can't get much better than that!
I see you and rainbows too,

Rowena and Eugene said...

Great timing and framing of the rainbow.

Perfect Virgo said...

JJ - Pretty eh!

R&E - timing was everything... 5 minutes later it was gone without a trace.

Queen Neetee said...

I feel so hopeful from this lovely vision of a rainbow. I've always felt this way when seeing one.

What is my hope? I hope that the rainbow is glowing from you to say that the time is nearing for you to re-emerge with a writing that is profound and of course, extremely enjoyable.

I will wait to see if I have read the sign correctly.

boulies said...

Ooh! Beautiful rainbow virgo. Glad you captured it for all to enjoy. Thank you! Ditto concerning Sis Neetee's comment. No rush. Waiting patiently. While waiting, we'll just have get inspiration from your lovely photo's.

Perfect Virgo said...

Neetee - this one was bright and razor sharp. I seldom see them as strong as this. I opened a window and took the photograph from my own house.

As to the portent? I am collecting thoughts and ideas and noting them down. There are things I want to say but I am struggling to find my voice and I think April will be better.

Boulies - I was inspired by your intimate story yet I wish I could close chapters as you have. I have two that are wide open in my mind and that affects me. I need to let go and move on and show gratitude for what I have.

There will be a gradual return to both fact and fiction in due course and thanks for enjoying the photos in the meantime.

GEL said...

"Somewhere Over the Rainbow"
Vivid photo capture!
A rainbow is magical
like "Stairway to Heaven"

Perfect Virgo said...

SilvermOOn - thanks for the lyric link. Rainbows are pure magic - they are there yet they are not there - a *brilliant* trick of the light.

GEL said...

:) about brilliant. LIght theory has always fascinated me. It's yet another reason why I photograph items, animals, or people in pure sunlight or other types of reflections and shadows.

I caught a double rainbow a couple of years ago, but not as vividly. The background mist obfuscated the image too much besides me not having time to set my camera settings to override that. (I needed to be inside the theatre in 10 seconds to be seated and bask in the parental glory of watching my daughter (and her theatre mates) perform.

Perfect Virgo said...

SilvermOOn - the proud parent choosing family over art. I trust her performance was scintillating! Me too about light, long, long shadows are my particular favourite. They are *brilliant* hee hee.