Sunday, March 19, 2006

Brighton, East Sussex

Brighton is vibrant trendy and cosmopolitan - we three felt somewhat out of place. We took the train from Goring with Mike and spent the day wandering the Lanes, perambulating on the pier (yes it does have a funfair at its far end) and turning our collars against the bitter cold.


just sayin' said...

You're a tall fellow, right? Cool looking train.

Still having Dragon problems. Such a bother.

Perfect Virgo said...

M - I guessed there would be eagle-eyes about yes, 6 foot tall! Reflections are great fun I love the unexpected bonuses they thow up. On the Southern Rail Network they are all that creamy soft green and nearly new too.

Did you upgrade to version 8? I find the recognition accuracy is almost faultless now - except of course if your voice goes all husky from a germ...

Cocaine Jesus said...

as a long standing veggie i think that i will pass on those shoes.
brighton is fun. i love it there but, as you say, not part of that scene.

Perfect Virgo said...

CJ - I stopped eating meat around 1992. Those shoes were horrble though - no taste at all (Ha ha ha ha) Brighton was shall we say, interesting!


Oh I just love it love it love it. That looks like the type of town I could spend a WEEK in.
Thanks for sharing PV.
I see you,

RuKsaK said...

I find little more poetic than almost deserted seaside fairgrounds and piers.

Perfect Virgo said...

Ruk - the ghost of Graham Green's "Brighton Rock" is still there in the shabby faded glamour.

boulies said...

Perfect, I love these photos. The first three remind me of the central California coast where we live. The pier looks like it could be the Santa Barbara pier which is just one half hour up the coast from us. The amusement park photos are real fun. We love amusement parks and our city has a huge county fair every summer which this reminds me of. I'd hate to grow old and not be able to go on wild rides ( not too wild mind you, I get sick) The "Vegetarian Shoes" is great! So funny. How do shoes get to be vegetarian? I know, I know....No cows. Plastic shoes in England? Hate to be sloshing around in sleet and rain in those suckers. Keep taking those photos. They're really a joy to see.

Perfect Virgo said...

Boulies = I get vertigo so roller coasters are off the menu for me, however I do risk the occasional gentler ride!!

I haven't a clue what vegetarian shoes are made of but I'm willing to bet it's not cows! I am vegetarian myself so I find it a bit tricky to eat when I come to America but I don't let it dictate my footwear!

I see you know all about our weather then, sleet and rain are regulars. I am continuing to carry my camera with me and using the pictures instead of words.

Queen Neetee said...

Lovely pictures! I can vicariously feel the nip from the cold and the excitement of the day.

Actually, I'd much rather visit those fun places by way of the lens. I'm not one who enjoys being around crowds for a long period of time, I love the quieter scenes.

It's funny, we have some things in common, though I love the photos of the fairgrounds, I don't do rides. I'm not brave like our sister boulies. I like hearing the excitement from the riders, just not from me.
Here are the other things; I'm just one inch shy of 6 feet, and was a vegetarian for over six years, no longer though.

You are my brother perfect bro virgo!

Thanks for the beautiful photos!

Patry Francis said...

Looks like fun. I especially like those vegetarian shoes!

sirreene said...

Vegetarian shoes are made out of banana peels, they are slippers :)

Perfect Virgo said...

Neetee - I too would have preferred to take a walk along a wild and windswept beach, devoid of human presence... However I needed to see my son and Brighton was a convenient place to shop and eat so I compromised.

When we went to Disney I just stood and watched the rides, I am not brave. Sister B is a scamp, I bet she would be first in the queue for the upside down coasters and other death defying rides!

So you are almost 6 feet! Excellent, that's nice and tall. Maybe no longer a vegetarian in actuality but perhaps in spirit? It was sausages and burgers that finally turned me off more than a decade ago.

Thanks for enjoying the pictures and seeing so much in them. All this brotherly love is doing me a power of good, I might even start wrting again...

Patry - it was a cold and windy day but good for people watching. The shoes were yummy!

Sirreene - not enough to keep you busy in FL? Good joke about the slippers. I'll let you in on a secret, I didn't enter the shop just observed it from across the street!

GEL said...

I like all the photos; the variety is like seeing snapshots into your mind as you walk and then, decide to shoot.

The perspective on that first one is intensely compelling, but I like them all for different reasons.

Ah, I'm chuckling in response to your wry humor about the benches! ;)

GEL said...

I forgot to read the comment thread before commenting.
Any ride that spins me around, not to mention upside down is off limits for me. Vertigo results in actual nausea, so I've been on one teeny tiny "kiddie" roller coaster in my life when I was a wee one. At first I loved the exhiliration from the speed but as soon as it rounded a curve (barely a few feet off the ground) and I was scared ouf of my wits screaming, my father was easily able to convince the operator to stop the ride.

That was because only one other person was on the roller coaster: my younger sibling. Still, it seemed like an eternity before he could stop the machine. I was too young too understand that abruptly stopping it could have resulted in injury. I've never set foot on a literal roller coaster again, but I still love that speed!

Perfect Virgo said...

SilvermOOn - the only planning I do is where to go. The photos arise naturally during a walk but I do contrive the vantage points. I try to frame and crop as much as possible during the shots rather than leave that until putting them on the PC.

British humour is notoriously dry I think and mine is exceptionally so! Dry but I hope never insulting or rude.

I loved your sad story of helplessness on the kiddies' coaster. Very young children rely on parents to protect them so the centrifugal and gravitational forces must have been so bewildering. I dislike the things too, yet curiously I love the speed and exhilaration of my motorcycle. I think that is about being in control.