Sunday, April 24, 2005

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Southampton architecture

Medieval to Tudor

The New Forest

Today's walk took me through Frame Heath Enclosure. I did not see a soul for 2 hours. Fantastic.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Flying out

This is a pictorial account of our roadtrip through Georgia, Florida, Alabama and Tennessee from an English viewpoint.

Largely clear skies for once meant nice views. All that changed when we landed in Atlanta. They were running out of sick bags and even a stewardess was ill. Not exactly dressed for the weather but hey, it's hotter than the UK and I'm gonna wear shorts!


I would give high marks for all 6 hotels we stayed in. Above are just a few. We had to move from the Candlewood Suites at Lake Mary as I couldn't sleep due to the great view of Interstate 4 which you can see! Even that one was great apart from the 24 hour traffic roar. They all had microwaves, fridges, big TVs and complimentary breakfast and newspapers. Most had swimming pool, gymnasium and laundry.


I drove on a mixture of Interstates and small County roads and I know which I preferred. Orlando and Atalanta were hectic but most of Alabama was quiet and easy. The trucks actually go faster in the rain producing a white-out of spray! You have to drop right back from them to stand a chance of seeing anything ahead.


Trucks close in on you until you scamper out of the way. You need to remember they own the road and have exclusive use of the fast lane. They shed their tyres at regular intervals leaving huge black obstacles in your path and deep grooves in the blacktop.