Monday, April 11, 2005


Ubiquitous hydrants

The town with the infamous train!

Some images which just didn't fit under any other heading.


yours truly said...

Mad about the palm tree & the wall, the palm trees and the sun... yum!

Perfect Virgo said...

The palm shadow was fun. The weather was blazing in Florida, 85 on all 4 days we were there.

Anna Piutti* said...

They're all just great, but the horse trailer is priceless! LOL

You seem to photograph just about anything; I'm the same way!

GEL said...

You captured those shadows in a very unique way! I thought of "The Thin Man." I think that was a TV show my parents spoke of or maybe I saw it? I lose brain cells everyday, so who knows. *Grin*
Cool perspective re: the bridges.
Does "Ruby" as in "Ruby Falls" have a significance to you?
Fascinating hydrants. I've never seen any like those two.

P.S. I only have time to post a photo here or there on my blogs, because I can't even keep up with those I shoot for my professional art website and am bound to watermark it, etc for business insurance and other reasons. It's such a visual treat to see others' work. I love the variety of your photos.

Perfect Virgo said...

SilvermOOn - shadows interest me as much as reflections, I have a huge collection of photographs of both. I have too much time on my hands (for which I am grateful) so posting photos is a joy.

The Thin Man may have even been a film, I'm not sure. I have no brain cells left anyway! Ruby means nothing on a personal level but the sign caught my attention - as did many things in Nashville.

The hydrants are American icons but an aficionado would be able to tell us where they all come from!

If you use photography in a professional capacity then I am honoured if you think these are worth a mention. I spend along time choosing a vantage point, framing and leveling. I prefer to do that rather than crop later.