Monday, April 11, 2005

Flying out

This is a pictorial account of our roadtrip through Georgia, Florida, Alabama and Tennessee from an English viewpoint.

Largely clear skies for once meant nice views. All that changed when we landed in Atlanta. They were running out of sick bags and even a stewardess was ill. Not exactly dressed for the weather but hey, it's hotter than the UK and I'm gonna wear shorts!


Grace said...

Bowled over indeed, good one! A great collection of photos. I love the guitar sculptures! Was the music good? The traffic looked mad, I couldnt cope, the A1's bad enough for me at times!

Perfect Virgo said...

City traffic and Interstates are worse than people would have you believe. Once you get on State and County routes in rural areas it's fine.

Real Country Music is not my scene (I do go for country rock though eg: Old 97s, Slobberbone, Ryan Adams, Jayhawks, Bottle Rockets, Wilco etc,...) Even so, I could appreciate the authenticity of the live music. The bars were great, they gave me Cherry Cola!!

superflywebpimp said...

fantastic photos! we've all been waiting for these, glad everyone made it home safe and sound. now you know the traffic i have to navigate every morning and night. the fear of being crushed by the mighty trucks at every angle. its kill or be killed out here i'm afraid. will be looking forward to the posts on your new sister site!

Perfect Virgo said...

Superfly - thanks! I will still use a photo to introduce posts on the main site but when I have a collection to show this seems as good a place as any!

When we reached Nashville city limits coming north from Chattanooga the traffic ground to a complete halt. We inched forward for half an hour and came across a compact car which had got wedged beneath the rear of a big pick-up! Hopefully you don't get that every day!

I had done my homework the night before and was looking out for exit 102a from I40. Too late, we missed it! Luckily I had a street map which came to my aid when we took the next exit!

Those trucks are just plain scary! What does it take to drive one I wonder? Not a brain of course!

Jen said...

Turbulance on a plane makes me sleeeeeepy.

Perfect Virgo said...

Jen - I only plucked up courage 3 years ago so I'm still new to flying. Turbulence makes me very nervous!