Monday, April 11, 2005

Atlanta Zoo

I thought the combination of animals and advertising was quite provocative.


just sayin' said...

You have some beautiful photographs. You even managed to make the dismal and the rural South look appealing. But probably not to anyone except those of us from the dismal and rural South. LOL It is always interesting to see what other people think of your own little corner of the world. I wonder how you chose the places you visited?

Perfect Virgo said...

Thank you morgan. I guess an outsider's eye finds interest in the unusual. We have holidayed in Florida 3 times but this time we wanted to venture further afield and off the beaten track.

I chose Atlanta because it was the only direct flight available from London over Easter at 5 months notice! I wanted to revist Florida's Atlantic coast for the wild life and Nashville for the music. I joined the dots on the map and came up with this itinerary.

Next time I would travel less and linger more!