Sunday, March 12, 2006

Hurst Castle

This naturally occurring 2 mile spit (reinforced with shingle) protects important mud flats for wading birds. Historically it also protected the port of Southampton from attack to the west by reducing the shipping lane between mainland Hampshire and the Isle of Wight to a mere 1000 yards.

We walked for an hour in bitterly cold winds and returned with red faces and frozen extremeties but Cocoa the Springer Spaniel was barely out of breath.

You can almost reach out and touch the Isle of Wight from here. For the the return walk we had the wind beating on our backs. Conversation had been virtually impossible so we took Matt and Gemma out later for a meal and to thaw out.


boulies said...

Hi Virgo, Love the photo's. Is Gemma your daughter? My daughter's name is Gena, pronounced as if it had two n's like the pronunciation of Gemma. By the way, Part 2 is posted. Part 3 will be up very soon and the last Part will follow. Looks like you're having a great and healthy break, sight seeing and taking in the brisk British breeze. Keep sending us those photos. Love to travel vicariously.

Queen Neetee said...

Just when I was missing the voice of my friend, here you are with wonderful photos.

I've never seen a beach with so many rocks! I need those rocks for my garden.

perfect virgo, is that a large hole in that iron castle door? Is that from some ancient war?

Hurst that's where William Randolph Hurst got the name for his home here in San Simeon, California.

We need to have you in the shots next time. :)
I love your Springer Spaniel, Cocoa.

Until next time...Thank you so much.

Perfect Virgo said...

Boulies - I just have 2 boys. Gemma is my future daugther-in-law, she and Matt are getting married later this year. I am enjoying pictures instead of words for a while and walks like that are ideal (if cold!) I'll be checking part 2.

Neetee - Those giant boulders are imported to help shore up sections of the shingle which are vulnerable to the tides.

The fortress was completed in 1554 by Henry 8th. He was intent on blasting the french out of the water if they tried anything on -which they did, regularly.

There are several iron gates, all are heavily rusted and all have that central window albeit bricked up. It has certainly seen action in many wars. There are other sea-forts further along the coast at Portsmouth which are small islands jutting from the waves.


Looks absolutely wonderful and a bit chilly.
I see you,

sirreene said...

I think I would have taken Cocoa's lead and worn a fur if made to take the chilly hike. Me? I don't go near the water until it is a warm 50 and I may go in! :)

Cocaine Jesus said...

it looks absolutely fabulous if not a little 'taters in the mold'.
future daughter in law? more money to be spent at easter, christmas and birhtdays then!!!

Perfect Virgo said...

JJ - a great place to walk. It is always windy there, good for blowing away the cobwebs!

Sirrene - Cocoa doesn't feel the cold with his "fur coat" he went in for a March dip too!!

CJ - right parky as they say... Gemma's a good girl and I'll add her to my birthday list. Hee hee! The little rascals claim they are penniless paupers and cadge meals from us left right and centre!!

Queen Neetee said...

My it's Hearst Castle. I still feel the name was encouraged by the real deal.

Perfect Virgo said...

Neetee - yes, it could be the inspiration. I love how words become corrupted over the centuries!

GEL said...

I'm delighted that your sojourn is being documented here for yours and our pleasure. I'm also envious as hell. I adore the beach at any time of year and do not live near it. These rocks and the wide open spaces are inviting to me. Plus, I'vce been fighting the blues that I cannot get on a plane with my husband who is going to your country again on business.

I've never been to GB and wanted to go long before I "met" so many terrific native GB'ers whom I'd love to gather in one room for a writer's group or just shoot the breeze with.

Our youngest daughter is too young for me to leave her alone if I went out of the country, too since we have no one to stay with her. Only 1 yr, 5 months, and 2 days until that is not the case, but whose counting? ;) (I also had to put that precision in there so you could see those Virgonian {is that a word?} traits. hehehe

I hope that nature brings you peace and offers comforting reflection, besides some fun. Nature works best for me, not organized religion, for when I need time and reflection or simply, relaxation.

I'll be popping back to take a gander at more photos. I love to look as well as take photos. Seeing a world where I've never been is quite a treat. Is that a Canon small digital?

Perfect Virgo said...

Silvermoon - yes it's the Canon Ixus 700 the best camera I've had. I am an absolute devil for gadgets sand it fits my exacting demands! Photography is my second creative love after writing. Way back in the archives of about April/May 2005 are hundreds of pictures from our last USA road trip, if you can stand the sheer quantity!

Luckily I have always lived in coastal towns but nowhere on this small island is much more than an hour from the sea. I like isolation so overcrowding is a real problem. In the summer months I have to go far afield to find emptiness...

Of course I spotted the Virgoan accuracy - you can't slip that detail in without my noticing :) As soon as your daughter can be safely left jump on a plane and head east, there are lots of good things to see. I was 45 before I plucked up the courage to fly, I wish I had done it much sooner.

I agree, nature is quite spiritual enough, I don't like the regimented rules of religion.

GEL said...

I love Canon cameras! I don't own that one (I want to say yet... but I will live vicariously because I do own 3 other Canons.)
I look forward to traveling. I've been on a plane many times, although my broom might work better with my "spells." ;)

Perfect Virgo said...

SilvermOOn - THREE? Good for you! I love this little beauty because the depth of detail is stunning for such a small travelling companion.

I hope you get to travel very soon and cast spelling *spells* and many others. Point your camera wherever you go.

GEL said...

PV Yes, 3. I love them all for their different capabilities. I'll email you the link descriptions for the ones I own and describe why I need that variety other than the being a professional photographer and an artist.

I also own Minoltas...but not any digital ones. I learned manual SLR on an old heavy one we still have, that is really co-owned.

I find much to photograph without going far from home, as you show so splendly here. Still, the wind has been whispering in my ear to grab the "jet" black coattails of opportunity, so who knows what my lens will capture!

Perfect Virgo said...

SilvermOOn - well would you Adam & Eve it! (Cockney rhyming slang for would you believe it!) I too learned the theory and practice of photography on SLRs. I have 2 which I simply no longer use. Digital is so small and convenient, don't you find?

I have a nice Canon EOS500 and an old Russian Zenit. I'd love to know which ones you have.

Photo opportunities are right beneath out noses every day. Some of us see them. Yet still we questing souls feel the urge to travel far and capture new images. May you be borne on whisper-smooth gossamer wings to a magical place of JPEGs and GIFs.