Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Pier rot


Kimberly said...

I am terribly fascinated by your pictures. For me it is an insight to your world....

I stumbled upon your blog through Russell-Utility Fish Shed.

I want to see everything in England, there's a lot I have missed over the years whilst I was there, your pictures help me see what I have have not.

You and Russell both help me see why I always had a thing for Englishmen. It's a shame my Stuart and I never got to get to the point in in life where you are now. (don't take it the wrong way) I wonder... if he would of lived, would he be anything like the two of you? Terribly, terribly fascinating and intriguing.

He was once my englishman, before he passed away.

transience said...

hey, pv. where did you take these?

Perfect Virgo said...

Kimberly - welcome. As an Englishman I am delighted you found things to read here which fascinated and intrigued you. Hope I can live up to that! Glad you enjoyed my pictures. I am always surprised that someone living abroad should love England. There are aspects I enjoy but I guess like anything you are close to, you find things that irritate!

I usually put 3 or 4 pictures a week on this photography blog, but my main blog will give you clues about what life in the south of England is like (if you can wade through the emotional stuff!)

Your reference to Stuart sounds terribly sad. Contrary to popular belief there are nice guys about, they're just few and far between.

Transience - I took this shot while sitting aboard the ferry which crosses the River Test. Here I am looking back at the crumbling Victorian pier.

700 yards long and in dire need of repair, I walk it most mornings peering at the sea through gaps in the planking. The tides here are extreme hence the pier's length. At low tide the ferry would be beached if the pier were 20 yards shorter.

Days gone by there used to be a tea-rooms at the pier head. The owners won't spend a penny on this structure that doesn't improve their bottom line. I'm off to catch the ferry now!

Kimberly said...

Your not the only one to be surprised that I can love your country. I aways say it's such a shame I'm American, but then again thats not what runs through my blood. I was born here, thats it. I am English-Scot....I always think 'lucky me' :)

As for Stuart, yes your right, the Englishmen 'thing' has to do with the reservedness and the whole culture and everything that comes with it that fascinates me.

I have written a book about Stuart, it's on my second blog, it's a rough draft of sorts at the moment and is getting edited and is in the process of getting copywrite papers drawn. I'm excited.

Perfect Virgo said...

I will certainly take time to read your other blog. It must have been a labour of love.

Yes the culture is very different here. How interesting that you should be English/Scottish. Don't be too ashamed, America has its attractions - we love going on holiday there!

michael said...

I havent really travelled that much but the more i see and read about the world i realise just how lucky i am to be born here in England despite the media trying to ruin one's perception of it everyday on the Tv and newspapers etc. Where else would you find hundreds of rotting piers to photograph!

Perfect Virgo said...

Michael - welcome. I've lived here on the south coast all my life and it would take something to move me. I think I have tried most natural photographic opportunities so I am seeking out the unusual these days.

If this pier were anywhere else the "preservation police" would have stepped in and ordered refurbishment!