Sunday, May 01, 2005

Blind Stump Pass 2004


superflywebpimp said...

i love all your photographs. each one always makes me stop and ponder, very thought provoking work. i like the old stone walls and arches. theres not many old things here in america, except maybe old gas stations. well, i'm off to read your other blog! i feel selfish for checking your blogs everyday and reading and viewing all the hard work you constantly crank out, when i haven't written a word in a while.

Perfect Virgo said...

Superfly no problem. Keep reading, I always appreciate your visits. I tend to write a lot when there is plenty on my mind. That seems to be the case at the moment!

I have about 50 post titles in the pipeline and scribbled notes about each one. I find unless I note down my thoughts they just evaporate!

The photos are something of a diversion for me. I am glad you like them. The older parts of Southampton are still not as interesting to me as your fantastic back-woods gas stations!

Anna Piutti* said...

Amazing! Great subject and image quality.