Friday, August 22, 2008

roads I run

There's more information about my running on Buick City Complex
Beach Grove Road...
leading to North River Road


ArtsyLynne said...

It's interesting to see where you run for your training. Your stamina is terrific! Although I love to run, especially on the beach in wet sand, I'm awkward gallumping (is that a word, hehe) on the sidewalk. When I dance, I can go for hours. (Vigorous dancing like jitterbugging).

I still walk for miles regularly w/ or w/out the camera. That world outside is my refuge. It strengthens my bones, does wonders for my mind and lets me escape reality a bit, especially when I'm stressed. But no matter what my state of mind is, I always dream when I walk alone. In my heart, I still run, free and powerful, as if the world is my landscape, even when it sometimes feels like the road to nowhere. (Those circles we all experience.)

May you continue to run like the wind and be refreshed with each workout.

Take care

Perfect Virgo said...

Thanks Lynne! I always thought I was reasonably fit but didn't realise how untrue that was until I started running. I stood bent over, hand on knees, gasping for air after only a few hundred yards. It was weeks before I could run even one mile without stopping.

After that it grew easier and the need to stop for breath diminished. Last weekend I ran 13 miles without stopping and my heart rate and breathing were not laboured at the end. I am amazed by what I have done to my body in such a short time.

I am also delighted at the way strenuous exercise has helped me emotionally through a difficult time.