Saturday, September 29, 2007

Camping in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia 4


Katie McKenna said...

What a place to see a sunrise! Is that tent by Columbia? It looks the perfect size with lots of window vents.

Thanks for sharing this part of the world, and yourself!

Perfect Virgo said...

Katie - actually it is by Woods. The range is EZtent and its 8 feet by 10 feet. Even the fly sheet has gaps for the windows so when you stretch it over you can still see out.

We fitted a 6 foot by 5 foot air matress inside easily. Canadian Tire had them marked down from C$189 to C$69 two weeks ago! Glad you enjoyed the pictures.

There is a lot of writing on my Buick City Complex site.

Katie McKenna said...

That's a great price! Thank you for the information.

I have a small tent but I think it could use more windows..or perhaps it was wee small. I did not use it this year. I bought it to use when I was camping with my horses in the wilderness since it only weighed 6lbs after I wore out the one before. I lived in my tent for a year. It was fun.

I bought a large tent this year that weighs about 25lbs. I did not use it either.But I wanted to have a large tent in case I needed one for friends. I bought my daughters' family tents a couple of years ago.

I had a different large tent I used but then gave it away to a friend because It did not work for me. I only bought it at the time because I was looking for a mid size tent for a vacation and had it sent directly there....

lol.. now I sound frivolous... it was simply easier and cheaper to buy one online and have it shipped .

I shall check out the link, thank you.

Perfect Virgo said...

Katie - 6lbs would be great for travelling light. Maybe you couldn't be so agile with a 25 pounder on board!

The logistics of having a tent sent directly to your holiday destination sound a little perilous! Or perhaps not... for a serial tent buyer!