Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Motor Cycle World Show at Beaulieu

...where the heck did I park my bike?

Fancy his passenger?

Mmmm leather... can't you just smell it!



Awesome pictures....looks like a hell of a good time.
I see you,

**SilvermOOn** said...

It's easy to discern that you were in heaven! Adore the intoxicating aroma of supple leather, but I've never visited a bike show. I bet you're still smiling: almost like "walking on water..." Is it a yearly show that you attend?

Anna Piutti said...

"Where the heck did I park my bike"...ahahah! That's what I would have said too.

Perfect Virgo said...

JJ - it was a good day indeed. Photogenic machinery at every turn.Mostly it is attended by fast sports bikes but I did see a good few comfy Harleys.

Silvermoon - yep I was in heaven (and in leather!) There are few places you can see as many road bikes as this in one place. It is yearly but this is the first time I have attended. There are several hundred stalls where you can buy tons bike related stuff, also there are riding displays and Manufacturer stands with all the latest models to paw over.

Anna - ... I remembered, top picture, in the foreground, yellow as a banana - that's my rocket (and I now have leathers to match.)

Anna Piutti* said...

Nice bike!

Rowena and Eugene said...

Has a look like Street Vibrations in Reno, Nevada.

Perfect Virgo said...

Anna - plenty more of my bike on 1st March entry!

R&E - thanks for the link. Very similar.