Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Upper Room

The Joiners is a pub venue perhaps holding 150 or so and well known on the up-and-coming circuit. The walls are papered with old posters reminding the hopeful that bands such as Travis, Coldplay, Oasis etcetera all graced this tiny stage on the way up. Last week was the turn of Brighton 4-piece The Upper Room. Dismissable support acts held the main event back until 10pm. One hilarious and noteworthy incident was the discovery among the small crowd of a cased and highly unusual yellow Fender Strat earlier declared stolen. Hmmm, perplexing.

On a cursory observation of The Upper Room you may dismiss them as bland but listen harder, listen much harder. Lyrically this is rather deep stuff, cloaked in the easy sounds of pure pop rock. Melody is here in abundance prooving that a good song will always stand out.

Surely Alex Miller should be revising for his GCSE exams! What a shining example of how youth can be today and I mean that with no trace of irony. Bright, vibrant and loud, yet respectful, articulate and charming. Despite a loss of all stage lights the band played on with dignity to rapturous applause.

Listen here

Come back soon boys...


Cocaine Jesus said...

spangly pop but good. yeah, i like it.

Anna Piutti said...

I really like their sound.

Perfect Virgo said...

CJ - they hit the right spot when you don't need angst and noise!

Anna - The melodies are gorgeous aren't they. Lyrically I find it just about deep enough without being poetic.

Rowena and Eugene said...

Thanks for the virtual tour of the Joiners. The Upper Room make a very uplifting sound. We usually listen to the music first, but will, with your recommendation in mind, listen a second time and focus on the lyrics.


Always sounds like you have so much fun.
I see you,

Perfect Virgo said...

R&E - I see lyrics as equally important as melody - sometimes more so. These lads are not deep and impenetrable but sharper than average.

JJ - I'm a lucky guy I know. I try to fill my leisure hours wisely.