Friday, February 10, 2006

Sights on a London Walk

A varied day starting at 6am with a 2 hour car journey to New Malden to deliver #2 son to an examination centre for aspiring publicans. Then a 3 mile walk followed by a 30 minute train ride. Throughout the day walking, tubing and photographing were done in more or less equal proportions as evidenced below.

Pedestrian friendly route from parked car to tube station, trouble was it was 3 miles.

The Palace of Westminster - otherwise known as The Houses of Parliament.

The London Eye - sponsored by British Airways. My insurmountable fear of heights makes this wheel unmountable.

Glimpses of Highgate Cemetery (more will emerge following my next trip.)


RuKsaK said...

Really fabulous set of photos there. I enjoyed that - the one of the tower block and the 'eye' carriage reflecting in the window particularly impressed me.

Oh - and the white painted man on the pavement.

finnegan said...

Thanks for the stroll, P.V.

I needed the distraction badly.

Perfect Virgo said...

Ruk - even the pavement is not safe from the sign-writers - we are overwhelmed by signs. I liked the reflection too.

Finn - glad you could virtually join me!


Wow! Awesome! I too must thank you for the mini vacation.
I see you and your pictures too,

mussolini said...

wow :)

Queen Neetee said...

Thank you for taking me to London. I've never been there prior to this.


Perfect Virgo said...

JJ - I am lurking in mirrors and reflections but don't look too closely!

Mussolini - WOW indeed!

Neetee - I go quite often but the distance is a drag. I have been investigating the locations of motor cycle parking bays on the web. There are thousands so future trips I will slip my Canon in my leathers and travel light. Do come again next time, there are hundreds of square miles to see!!

V said...

Those are some lovely photos, PV. Though I was there two years ago for only a week, I miss it!

You've captured London so well in these pictures.

Perfect Virgo said...

V - check back from time to time. I will be going again several times this year.

Jen said...

Reminds me of my trips into Washington D.C. when I lived in Maryland.

Anna Piutti* said...

What a great set of pictures!

Those shots make me feel as if I were there whenever I look at them, and that makes for a great, relaxing break.

Perfect Virgo said...

Jen - big cities have a certain attraction don't you think? A kind of reassuring permanence.

Anna - thanks for all your wonderful comments this evening I am pleased you could enjoy the stroll from the comfort of a chair! How are you getting on with your new digital camera, I'll be round to check?

Anna Piutti said...

You're welcome, Virgo.
So far, my new camera and I are getting along ok...though I'm still working on figuring out more about her. LOL!