Saturday, October 08, 2005

Narrow Boats

Four weeks ago my youngest son Mike moved 100 miles away to be deputy manager of The Green Man near Silverstone. Today we drove to pay him a visit and take him shopping. This was only the second time he had left the pub since starting there. We bought him luncha and found a shopping Centre in Banbury where we saw narrow boats in the Oxford Canal. 20 years ago we had several holidays on the Inland Waterways - took me back a bit.

(Not clever but the Mondeo touched 115mph on the A34 and we made the 104 miles there in 82 minutes. Far too slow I'll take the bike next time...)


Rowena and Eugene said...

Nice shots of the narrow boats. Quite a few of them in the canal.

What's the speed limit on the A34?

Perfect Virgo said...

R & E - I must conceed it is 70mph... however in my defence, your honour, this is not my regular driving style and is an isolated incident!

Rowena and Eugene said...

Who makes the Mondeo?

Perfect Virgo said...

R & E = Ford. In the USA its equivalent would be the Taurus. I have had 6 Fords (and 4 Yamahas) so you might say I'm a creature of habit!